Skin needling. ECIT

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Rejuvastamp ECIT / Derma-pro

Price: $200

 Full Face  

DERMA-PRO   (ECIT)                                $250.00

This is an all over the face skin rejuvenation treatment, and the deepth will be determined by the individuals skin type and condition.

DEEP NEEDLING  (ECIT)            from     $250.00

(for deep wrinkles and scars) During deep needling we will concentrate on specific areas of concern, such as deep lines and scars. This again depends on the individual concerns, needs, skin type and condition.


The skin needs to be in top condition to perform these treatments to there best advantage.

It maybe necessary to prepare the skin ahead of the treatment for optimal end results.



Rejuvastamp ECIT Large disc

(for large areas, eg: stretch marks on abdoman and thighs)                      from $200