Medi Facials

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45 mins

Price: $120

Microdermabrasion improves the skins health and appearance by:

♦  Refining the texture of the skin

♦  Reducing and lightening the appearance of skin discolorations (pigmentation) Age spots.

♦  Causes the blood to flow and circulate, increasing elastin repair and renewal.

♦  Decreasing skin congestion and uneven skin texture. Comedones breakouts acne and acne scarring.      

♦  Scaring and surface irregularities

♦  Keratosis pilaris (red bumpy "rashy" skin condition often appearing on backs of arms, thighs, buttocks etc)

♦  Fine lines and wrinkles. Sun damaged and aged skin.

♦  Dull and devitalized skins, and sallow complexions

♦  Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes

♦  Thickened skin.

♦  Open pores

♦  Visible vessels (capillaries)


Crystal Microdermabrasion is used to deeply exfoliate the skin. Aluminium Oxide crystals are blown onto the skin to remove dead skin cells and other debris. These  are a medical grade  crystal which  are non-toxic and have jagged edges to break down and adhere to dead skin cells. Vacuum suction then removes the cells along with other debris from the skins surface. Cellular functions and repair processes are stimulated, resulting in a smoother and clearer skin.

Treatment consists of:

Cleansing of the skin, application of a AHA BHA treatment mask, that is massaged in, to soften the skins surface. The skin is then dried and the procedure is performed. Then the 100% pure active ingredients are applied. Depending on the skin type and condition these may vary. Finishing off the the application of moisturizer and sunscreen.

Microdermabrasion is a progressive procedure and is best done in a series of treatments one to two weeks apart for optimum results.

One off treatments are $120.00

If you pay for 5 treatments up front you will receive:

One extra Microdermabrasion procedure.

One LED Photo-modulation facial treatment ( LED & Aspect chirally correct Lactobotanical peel)

Plus a ASAP skin soothing mask.

Valued at $245 (at no extra charge)

(Add on 20min LED at the end of any treatments for an extra $40.00)