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A kur Waterlily Signature Facials


Price: $95


( Suitable for Congested / Oily / Acne / Combination / Blemished / Normal skin types and conditions )

A Clarifying infusion of active ingredients deeply decongests and detoxifies while balancing the skins natural pH.

A double clease is followed by a kiwi fruit enzyme steam exfoliation.

Relax during a cold pressed oil balancing massage and puryfying French clay masque.

Finish with an antioxidant hydration treatment to promote healing and repair.

Includes hydration for eyes and lips.



( Suitable for: Dehydrated / lipid Dry / Sun damaged / Aged / Devitalised / Broken Capillaries / Couprose / Sensitive / Normal skin types & conditions) 


Begin with a deep moisture locking cleanse.

Followed by a pink French clay an exotic fruit gommage exfoliation.

Melt into an exquisite reconditioning massage infused with a potent vitamin complex.

Followed with a passionflower creme masque.

Finish with a rich Moroccan rose moisture treatment to promote a youthful dewy complexion.

Includes hydration for eyes and lips.


Add ons

Anti-Aging Eye Treatment.

A revitalising layered treatment dedicated to the eye area. Skin firmness and texture are plumped and reconditioned,gental cleanse and enzyme fruit exfoliation. An infusion of marine cooagen, white tea and an intense vitamin complex is layered under a rasberry and spirulina French clay masque. Followed by whipped rosehip and Moroccan Rose hydration boost.

Botanical Foot Treatment.

Bamboo and Pineapple  foot exfoliation. Followed by a ginkgo and spearmint stimulating foot treatment massage.

Botanical Hand Treatment.

Exfoliating hand treatment. cocoa butter and essential oil massage and a French clay hand masque.


Any or all of these can be added on to your facial at a cost of $15 per treatment